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by Bandit The Panther

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I started playing some older stuff from the Comic EP on a solo tour in Winter 2012, and it made me think it was about time I put together the first 3 Bandit records into one compilation.

Tracks 1-7: An Incendiary Bandit Bombshell, released October 2010
Tracks 8-16: The Comic EP, released March 2010
Tracks 17-25: Two Thousand & Whine, released December 2009

Original pressing info:
An Incendiary Bandit Bombshell - Digital Only
Comic EP - Handmade CDr/11
Two Thousand & Whine - Handmade CDr/03


released December 31, 2010

All instruments by Joe Sullivan except:
Tracks 1-7: Bass by Dan Digby, Drums by Rich Baker
Track 22: Percussion by Richard Stratton, Handclaps by Ronan Sullivan



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Bandit The Panther London, UK

Bandit The Panther are a DIY lo-fi punk group based in London. They write folk, punk and reggae infused tunes about London, being in a band, and having no money (due to both). Bandit has toured the UK several times and their latest album 'I Have This Town' is out on Aaahh! Real Records. ... more

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Track Name: The Scene Is Dead
Another night at another open mic/playing songs that no one seems to write/all the function bands play down the hotels/entertaining tourists who want to disco dance all night/but the scene is dead from the words we said/listen to this outside broadcast/but i'll remember the church halls and the empty clubs/every friday used to be on at the squaddy/metal, punk indie rock/but five years is a long time for teenage hearts/They move along so fast/I remember the blue walls and the freezing air/I remember the tiny stage on the edge of the roundabout/I remember the portico and the holes in the roof/I remember the bass amps that used to blow up at every show/ but the scene is dead from the words we said/listen to this outside broadcast/but i'll remember the church halls and the empty clubs
Track Name: Great Black Hope
This place is a fool’s paradise/I can sing about what i want without thinking twice/And all i know is that i can read and write/My responsibility is not to fight/If people come and decide to get in my way/They’ll see i don’t do it for them i do it for them i do it for me cos what i say i don’t really feel/i’m a showman not an activist you see/well i saw you on a march today/you had your hood pulled up and your mouth shouting away/and i can feel the passion in your voice/sometimes you make me think there might be a point/we need protest songs/only sing it if you mean it/we need protest songs/though they rarely work anyways/we need protest songs/though the singers rarely mean the words/we need protest songs/to get our viewpoints head/cos we won’t let the bastards win
Track Name: The Ballad Of Bandit The Panther
My band’s not real i know it’s just me/they’re all outside living quietly/they come on down from all over the country/they came down from London or the isle of wight for a one night stand in a pub or a club or on a street corner/i have to concede i do this cos i need to/i got my fender guitar and everything is alright if it all goes well i’ll be home tonight/wandering the streets in search of a tune/i walked every lonely avenue/accompanied by Dan/down to the solent side/i met a busker on the underground rounds who harked back to the ’59 sound/he was a greased-up slicked-back drawn-out rockabilly rebel/i got me fender guitar and everything is alright/if it all goes well i’ll be home tonight/i got my fender guitar and everything is alright/it’s got the face of a panther and a warning on flights
Track Name: I Think You’ll Find That’s Checkmate, Gary Kasparov
It’s too far for me to walk/too far for them to go/too expensive to catch a bus or a train/but the internet is free/and my mobile is handy/so why the hell does no one ever call?/i have no enemies/and plenty of acquaintances/i can always stop for a three minute catch-up/but no one knows my name/or remembers my face/it’s kinda hard having no one to rely on/and my hope is memory/i look at someone’s face while someone else calls my name/anonymously i walk alone/the guns that were out for me fall away as the sun goes down/”well honestly i’ve been busy!”/funny how everyone does
Track Name: Yes Yes Yes
There’s that cracking sound again/agony through my rotting tooth stumps/the deadened nerves are severed/so i should feel no pain/but its sensitive to me/and everything i eat/this represents all of my hopes and all of my dreams/she said if you will let me Joe i will be your guide/don’t let it get to the point where we pass like ships in the night/you’re my responsible adult when i’m using scissors on blue peter programs/and i’m not much of an announcer but i will give it a try/this is the hardest thing i ever said/my heart’s ablaze but my mind’s a wasteland
Track Name: Shoot Em Up
I played Turok: dinosaur hunter for the first time yesterday/well it was like a first love/i started shooting straight away/i came out guns a-blazing like a cowboy in the films/but this was before good CGI/the 2-D mist swirled by/from timesplitters to halo/perfect dark to goldeneye/doom to r-type DX/duck hunt and wolfenstein/i spend all my days alone/but i’m a gunfighter/a race driver/i got the blast mask, got the stone mask, got kafei, i got the couple, got the bremen, got the mask of majora/and i'm a no hoper, a sad loner/backup data in the back of my controller/is cartoon video violence a substitute for friends/misery loves company and i’ve gotta get to the end/upgrade after upgrade in my game not my (personality)/that seems a good reason to never leave my room/and i spend all my days alone but i’m starting to like it/and then i turn away, back to the old dream
Track Name: Come Back Round
This is all there is to it/this is the way we go/for one last time i won’t surrender my gun/cos this what we do/and all around i see empty space/call this hazy what you will/meet you on the wasteland at the back o the hall/till then he band plays on/we hit the stage to a frenzied roar/we are the last surviving sons/and if the instruments all part ways/the music will remain as one/and all around me i can see the lights/they’re telling me to stay or go/guarding the crossroads on the westway to the world/climax of rock n’ ruin/one day i know i’ll fall back down/i’ll pick you back up and we’ll come back round/ one day i know i’ll fall back down/i’ll pick you back up and we’ll come back round
Track Name: The Passion
This is technically the oldest song here, it dates in its earliest form to when I was in Bournemouth playing with The Piltdown Hoax?: we played it once or twice live but it sounded more like punky circus music than the country feel this version has. It’s about punk and reggae and simple music in general, stuff that hits you round the head rather than drone on for twenty minutes like spacey prog stuff that if I could time travel I would go back and destroy